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Last time when somebody mentioned about assassin, I guess most people will thinking it was a very weak class. But now, weak should no more related with assassin since born of assassin cross.

There is few type of assassin, there are critical assassin cross, katar double slash assassin cross dagger assassin cross, sonic blow /meteor assault assassin cross, and soul breaker assassin cross. Before i planning to quit ro, i suddenly saw a assassin cross deal more than 10k damage in cro server and i was so surprise about the damage, and soul breaker push me back again to ro. So now I will only discuss about soul breaker assassin.

Soul Breaker:
Soul Breaker is a skill that combined between physical attack and magic attack, but it doesnt means 50% damage from physical attack and another 50% from magic attack but is total damage of magic part + total damage of physical part:
- Cost 20sp for level 1-5 and 30sp for level 6-10.
- Attack range same with magic, 7 cells.
- 0.5 sec casting time (can be decrease by dex) and 1 sec of skill delay at level 1 and 2.8 sec at level 10 (each level increase by 0.2 sec skill delay, this delay cannot decrease by agi or others stat. You cannot use any skill others than normal attack while this delay).
- casting time can be interupted when recieving an attack.
- Enchant Deadly Poison will not works together with Soul Breaker.
- This skill is not only for pure Soul Breaker Sinx, Critical sinx can use Soul Breaker as happy beginning or happy ending.

Physical Attack Part:
- This skill consider as neutral element physical long range attack, so this skill can effect by pneuma.
- Can be flee because it effect by flee and hit.
- Element can be effect by weapon (element weapon) or personal skill (enchant poison, water of darkness), priest's skill (aspersio), and also sage's skill (frost weapon, flame launcher).
- Soul Breaker will not affect by status card (example: savage babe, plankton, marina...... Hunterfly card is only work for physical part and the result is worst than vitata clip)
- Weapon attack damage will be effect by size penalty (e.g. dagger vs small 100% medium 75% big 50%)
- Attack damage will not effect by card (example: hydra, Santa poring) but it can effect by +attack card (andre, wolf, skeleton card, Zipper B
- Enchant deadly poison will not effect soul breaker damage.
- The damage will effect by enemy defense.
- Left / Right hand mastery will not affect soul breaker damage but Katar mastery and advanced katar mastery does increase Soul Breaker damage for physical part.

Magic Attack Part:
- It considers no element, but not neutral element (maybe it consider as new element? It always maintain as 100% damage)
- As we all know magic attack will never miss, but it will affect by pneuma.
- As we all know magic damage will not effect by any card (Hydra, Skeleton Workers...).
- Formula of damage is depends on INT but not MATK.
- Ignore Magic defense Mdef, it only will decrease went enemy is wearing poo poo hat and thara frog card.

Damage Formula:
Physical attack damage = physical attack damage x skill level
Magic attack damage = [(skill level x INT) x 5] + random damage (500~1000)
Total damage = physical attack damage + magic attack damage

- For example when u have 110 INT, [(10 x 110) x 5] + 500~1000 =
[(1100) x 5] + 500~1000 = 5500 + 500~1000 = 6000-6500
So the damage will be around 6000-6500 for magic attack part.

- Physical attack part will effect by enemy defense while Magic defense part will ignore def.
Physical Total Damage + Specific Cards (It counts ATK cards such as Zipper Bear Card)) * 5
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Soul Breaker Sinx Ideal Equipment:
Weopon: Inflilator, HaeDongGum, Saber, Assassin Dagger, Fortune Sword, Blade (Andre, Mummy, Zipper Bear ), Sword Breaker, Mailbreaker (This two sword nice to break enemy armor and weopon if they wearing god item) , House Auger (Ignore enemy defence, most ideal weopon for a sbk sinx)
Head (Upper): PooPoo Hat, Mistress Crown, Crown, DroopingKitty Hat, Cap (Elder Willow).
Head (Middle): Devil Ear, Alarm Mask, Opera Mask, Masquarade.
Armor: Chain Mail, Thief Cloth (Marc, Peco Peco, Dokkebi, Evil Druid good if cant get frost in PVP/WOE but get very hurt when recieved holy and fire element attack).
Shield: Bukler (Thara).
Garment: Ragamuffin Manteau, Manteau (Raydric, Marse).
Shoes: Boots (Matyr, Verit), Crystral Pump.
Acessory: Earring, Safety Ring, Rosary, Clip (Yoyo, Vitata, Marine Sphre, Horong).

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Oct 29 06 2:22 PM

Soul Breaker Sinx Build:
There are many type of build for Soul Breaker, and i will not post a fixed build because different person have different idea of build so please build your own stats and let me rate and discuss about it seems so many people like to flame about it. Thanks
STR 70-110 (with blessing and burrito bonus. Secondary stat for Soul Breaker damage, beside that you can use sonic blow, meteor assault, grimtooth to back up your Soul Breaker Sinx. Or maybe you can left str with 1 to concentrade on magic attack part of Soul Breaker only).
AGI 1 (strongly not recomemded to add except u like to play agi wizard).
VIT 40-60 (quite effective to immue status effect and have around 11k-13k of HP with matyr or verit card)
INT 91-99 (the main stat for Soul Breaker damage, int is very important since the damage is always ignore defense).
DEX 10- 60 (depends on you, soul breaker have very short casting time. The main purpose of dex is for hit rate, so u can adjust between dex and the amount of mummy card u need)
LUK 1-2 (strongly not recomemded to add, 2 luk is for perfect dodge bonus )

Sorry for my poor english and hope this may help those making soul breaker sinx good luck for all assassin cross.

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